Get Ready for the 2G/3G Shutdown

The 2G/3G Shutdown. Are you ready?

Upgrade and Save until March 31st, 2019

All major carriers have set their plans to switch off their 2G/3G networks, some starting in 2019. Cradlepoint provides industry-leading 4G LTE routers and gateways for IoT and Mobile solutions that offer a forward-looking approach to connect and protect cellular network devices easily and securely — at scale through our NetCloud platform which makes it easy for IT and Network administrators to deploy, manage, secure and control their IoT and In-Vehicle networks.

Mail-in the below rebate form when you replace an existing 2G/3G gateway or router with a Cradlepoint NetCloud Solution Package, which includes the router, cloud-management, security and support. *

Eligible Solution Packages

$100 off NetCloud Solution Package for Mobile with IBR900-600M router
$50 off NetCloud Solution Package for IoT with IBR6x0B-LP4 router
$25 off NetCloud Solution Package for IoT with IBR200-10M gateway

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