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NetCloud Subscription Governance and End-of-Life Policy Updates
Helping ensure that your Cradlepoint networks are always connected and always protected.

With the introduction of NetCloud Solution Packages in January 2018, Cradlepoint began the evolution of delivering our products as a service. As part of this evolution, we want to remind you of our policies, along with new service functionality, that will help you maintain active NetCloud subscriptions and endpoint licenses. Our goal is to ensure that the Cradlepoint solutions that provide non-stop 4G LTE connectivity where and when you need it, never stop working for you.

The Cradlepoint NetCloud Service is delivered, updated, and controlled in the cloud, and purchased on a 1-, 3-, or 5-year subscription basis. Cradlepoint has developed new functionality that makes it easier to visualize and manage your active subscriptions and associated endpoint licenses, as well as keep your NetCloud service and software up-to-date. Our subscription governance and End-of-Life (EOL) Policy update for software help ensure the continuation of your NetCloud service so that you can stay always connected and protected with the latest features and security enhancements.​

Any endpoints that are not licensed by an active subscription or are running software that is outside of the EOL policy will eventually experience a downgrade in functionality that may result in a network impact.

For more details on subscription management and the EOL Policy, please review the information below. If you have any questions, feel free to connect with Cradlepoint Support or the Cradlepoint Operations team.

Subscription Governance

Beginning January 2018, all Cradlepoint router and software endpoints were exclusively sold as part of a NetCloud Package in 1-, 3-, or 5-year subscriptions per our Terms of Service. Each subscription included an endpoint license and rights to Cradlepoint’s 24x7 support and limited lifetime warranty.

Nothing has changed except new automated license verification will cause any endpoints without an active subscription (and therefore no license) to see a downgrade in functionality and to no longer be eligible for support or the limited lifetime warranty benefit.

EOL Policy Statement

Cradlepoint is committed to ensuring that its NetCloud service delivers the utmost in availability, provides ongoing innovation and value, and maintains a stringent security posture. Achieving these objectives requires that we carefully manage the versioning of NetCloud OS (NCOS) router software for active devices.

Therefore, we updated our Cradlepoint EOL Policy to deprecate NCOS software versions older than 18 months, starting January 2020.

Recommended Next Steps

Don’t risk having your NetCloud subscriptions expire—understand your renewal schedule today.

Watch for emails from your partner and from Cradlepoint about impending service expirations.

  • Check with your Partner to ensure that your contact email is correct in Cradlepoint systems so that you receive the notification emails to alert you of subscriptions about to expire

Proactively upgrade your endpoints to a compliant NetCloud OS version.

  • Target 7.0.0 or higher by 2020 and include modem firmware updates.
  • Maintain updated software on your endpoints per the EOL Policy for NCOS

For any Non-Compliant or Unlicensed endpoints, please renew their NetCloud Service Plans in order to obtain new licenses.

For more information about NetCloud Service Plans (subscriptions), licenses, and updating software:

If you have questions, please contact your Cradlepoint Partner or Support at Cradlepoint Connect.



Where can I find out if I have an active NetCloud subscription?


We want managing your NetCloud subscriptions to be clear and straightforward. Toward that end, a new tab labeled Subscriptions has been added to the Account menu in NetCloud Manager which lays out the complete status of your NetCloud licenses. In addition, we’re adding alerts that can proactively notify you of impending actions that require your attention regarding your subscription.

Subscription tab2.JPG

Of course, if you have any questions you can email [email protected] and we’ll work with you directly. In addition, if you’re working with a Cradlepoint reseller, that reseller has visibility into your account and can work with you to ensure your licenses are up to date and provide insight into your renewal schedule.


What happens if I don’t have an active NetCloud subscription?


If you have endpoints (routers, gateways, or access points) that do not have an active subscription, those endpoints will automatically become “Non-Compliant.”

“Non-Compliant” is a 30-day state where devices maintain their current routing capabilities and NetCloud Essentials functionality but lose access to some add-on features. The reduced services a customer will see on Non-Compliant devices include features in the Advanced Add-On plan (including advanced security packages like CP Secure Threat Management, CP Web Filter), Zscaler, and the SDK, if applicable.

If these Non-Compliant endpoints are not assigned a license within the 30-day period, they become “Unlicensed.” This count is visible in the Subscription tab.

Once an endpoint is “Unlicensed”, it will lose access to NetCloud Manager and will continue with essential routing capabilities and its last basic configuration; however, your network may be impacted. More specifically:

  • It will no longer be able to be managed in NetCloud Manager
  • It will no longer be able to upgrade NetCloud OS
  • It will no longer support NetCloud Perimeter
  • It will no longer use API and SDK applications.
  • It will no longer be able to act as a hub in Auto VPN, and will no longer be able to connect as a spoke
  • Configuration changes will be disabled
  • NetCloud software running on the device will be limited

Full device functionality will be restored when proper licensing is applied.


What does deprecated NCOS mean on my endpoint?


Starting January 2020, Cradlepoint devices running NCOS versions older than 18 months will no longer be manageable from NetCloud Manager.  These older-than-18-month NCOS versions will be considered "deprecated" which means they are no longer available for download.  In order to manage devices in NetCloud Manager, they must be upgraded to a supported version of NCOS (within the 18 month window).

At that time, in the Devices dashboard, in the NCOS column, you will see “Deprecated,” which means the only action you can take with that device is to move it into a Group to upgrade it to a supported version of NCOS.