Webinar Series: Emergency Network Response

During this difficult time, many organizations are learning to work in ways they haven’t before. Whether protecting their employees’ health or addressing their community’s needs, companies and government agencies are putting in place emergency plans that often require secure and reliable connectivity in new and unusual places.

Join our Emergency Network Response Webinar Series to learn how secure, reliable enterprise-grade LTE can prove crucial for emergency network response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore the Emergency Network Response Webinars

Join us for the following 30-minute webinars.

How LTE and 5G Affect Healthcare and Emergency Response

Explore best practices for deploying a temporary network during the COVID-19 response, ideal scenarios for using Wireless WAN in healthcare, and how 5G will impact technologies and innovations.

Public Safety
LTE and the Future of Technology in Public Safety

Emergency and first responders are utilizing LTE-enabled networks to instantly deploy diagnostic systems and response teams in parking lots, vacant buildings, military bases, and other first-line-of-defense environments.

Work at Home
Using LTE to Help Employees Work from Home

Learn how organizations can use LTE-enabled networking solutions to easily get at-home employees set up with highly secure and reliable network connectivity.

School Bus Parked in Neighborhood
Wi-Fi for At-Home Students without Connectivity

Cradlepoint and South Bend Community Schools present on delivering Internet access to at-home students via connectivity in school buses parked in neighborhoods.

Temporary Network Kits
Using LTE for Pop-Up Healthcare

Discover best practices for connectivity and security through cellular-enabled networking solutions for pop-up, temporary healthcare sites.

Vital Processes Webinar
Emergency Networks for Federal Agencies Amid COVID-19

Discover how federal agencies can quickly stand up wireless networks and keep vital processes moving.

NSA Webinar
LTE Helps Sheriff’s Departments Better Prepare for Emergencies

Explore how sheriff’s departments are leveraging LTE networking solutions to improve response time during emergencies.