Upgrade Your Election Day Network Technologies

Simple. Resilient. Secure.

Increasingly, counties and cities are utilizing wireless LTE to provide temporary connectivity that is simple, resilient, and secure during voting season—from early voter registration through election day.

Learn how you can:

  • Empower lean IT staff to deploy, manage, and maintain connectivity at scale
  • Protect against external breaches with a layered
    security approach
  • Provide safe network communication
  • Modernize your voting operation to be prepared for
    2020 and beyond
  • Engage voters with easy-to-use, innovative voting systems

Cradlepoint has gone through rigorous testing and certifications
to ensure election leaders attain secure networks. Strategize
virtually or in-person with Cradlepoint network experts
to improve network security as part of your overall
effort to protect critical voter information.

The Cradlepoint NetCloud platform was instrumental in our ability to have the best quality of security and efficiency. With NetCloud services we were able to achieve security that we wouldn't have otherwise been able to do with another service.”

Adam Huyck
Enterprise Network and Security Architect, Sacramento County

Protect Your County Elections from Pervasive Threats


Elections IT Readiness Checklist


Elections Myths vs. Facts


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Election Ops Continuity Plan


Election Readiness


Success Story:
Sacramento County

Schedule a consultation with Cradlepoint network experts to secure your election systems. Counties will be eligible to receive a complimentary router at the session completion.'

Prefer to meet in-person? Let us know! Our team will travel to your office and facilitate an onsite working session.