Opt Out of Targeted Advertising and Opt Out of the Sale/Sharing of My Personal Data

Please follow the following steps to opt out of targeted advertising.

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California residents have certain rights regarding their personal information. This includes the right to access or delete your personal information, as well as the right to direct a business to stop selling your personal information.

While Cradlepoint does not sell your personal information in exchange for any monetary consideration, we do share your information for other purposes that could be deemed a “sale” as defined by the CCPA and enforced by the California Attorney General. In order to provide you with control over how your personal information is collected and shared, you may take the following steps to opt out of the sale/sharing of your personal information for targeted advertising purposes.


Update your Cookie Preference

We take an opt-in approach to online tracking. You may change your settings at any time


Opt-Out of Targeted Advertising

Periodically, Cradlepoint will target ads for specific products, events or webinars to individuals who we think would be interested in receiving them. You may elect to opt out of targeted advertisements by filling out the form below.

Additionally, you may submit a request for access to or deletion of your personal information by clicking here